OYM-PE100 500W

Performance feature

1. Rated power is 500W (peak power 600W), designed with 12V + 220V dual voltage, suitable for VCD, TV, fan, solar pump, desktop computer, notebook, microwave communication station, data collection station, mobile phone, digital Use of small household appliances such as product charging;

2. Built-in 100AH large-capacity maintenance-free battery, pure sine wave AC inverter converter, external AC220V switch socket, overcharge and over-discharge protection device and overload protection, high temperature protection, open circuit protection and other functions;

3. New design of city electricity complementary function (when the city electricity is out of power, the system automatically recognizes the conversion to use solar power, or uses solar power first, when the solar power is out, it automatically converts to use city power, which can be designed according to customer requirements).

Technical parameters


Note: product innovation, performance continues to improve, this technical parameters for reference only.

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