Angel Series Wind Turbine

Performance feature

1. 1.5 ~ 2m/s start up wind speed with low torque starting technique applied.
The Reason: Generator make up of 27 skewed slots stator and 12 poles rotor which reduced the cogging torque.
(Patent No.:201020259729.8)

2. The design of blades: The blade casted into molding at one time with balance up to 99%.

3. Light generators (only 7.5kg for 200W/300W, 8.5kg for 400W) make the installation easier and cheaper.

4. The turbine tail and yawing part (nylon and fiberglass materials with high strength)   processed with reinforced ribs, enhance the reliability and can withstand the typhoon.

5Carbon brush casted into molding at one time, it can reduce the contact resistance effectively and the lifetime is up to 100000 times.
(Patent No.:200920265082.7)

Technical parameters


Note: product innovation, performance continues to improve, this technical parameters for reference only.

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