FD-M Series Wind Turbine

Performance feature

1. Magnetic saturation generator design, 20years designed life. (Patent No.:ZL 2007 2 0010261.7)

2. 2-2.5m/s start-up wind speed under low torque start-up technique. (Patent No.:201020259728.3)

3. Mechanical automatic yawing.

4. Match controller with constant voltage charging, electronic and manual brake, and numeral panel display. (Patent No.:200910213782.6)

5. 500W, 600W and 1KW blades are casted into molding at one time with balance up to 99%.6. Bearings import from Japan (NSK), long service time (5 years maintenance-free).

7. Magnetic saturation design, the generator coil couldn’t burn down because of the increasing power, when generator runs at a super wind speed and saturates automatically.

     8. Low cut in wind speed (3m/s) to guarantee the maximum generation at low wind speed  

Technical parameters

英文参数 5KW 10KW.png

Note: product innovation, performance continues to improve, this technical parameters for reference only.

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