HY VMII Series

Performance feature

1. High efficiency pure sine wave inverter(PF=1);Wide PV input range  (120V dc -500V dc) 80A MPPT SCC;Intelligent 3 stage 60A AC  battery charger.

2. Surges to 2X continuous power for 5 seconds for motor loads.

3. Intelligent functionality enables utility and solar input prioritization.

4. Wide ulility input range ( 90V ac ~280Vac ) for unreliable grid even in 

 the most challenging environments.

5. Field serviceable with replacement boards and spare parts.

6. Monitor, troubleshoot, or communication with USB/RS 232.

7. System configures quickly into compact, wall-mounted system.

8. This series inverters can work without batteries when there is the sun. 

Technical parameters


Note: product innovation, performance continues to improve, this technical parameters for reference only.

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