Mono solar panels (60 plates) -300W/310W/320W/330W

Product features:

Five grid wire design
High output power
Excellent weak light power generation performance
Lower temperature coefficient

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Product introduction:

The series of high-performance solar modules, which use highly efficient Percium cells, provide the most cost-effective solution to reduce the cost per kilowatt hour of a wide range of power solar power systems. Can withstand high wind pressure, snow cover and extreme temperatures. Stable high conversion efficiency to ensure the highest quality.

Quality and Warranty

For a period of twenty-five years from the date of warranty, the power loss of the product's rated power output measured under standard test conditions (STC) shall not exceed:
For single-crystal A-class solar cells, the decay is 3% in the first year and 0.66% per annum thereafter, ending at 81% in the 25th year after the start date of the warranty;
Warranty period is calculated from the date of bill of lading issue.
10 year warranty and 90% power output guarantee
15 years guarantee 85% of the power output

Guarantee 80% power output for 25 years

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