All-in-one Portable Solar Generator

  • 1. Rated power: AC500W;
  • 2. Built-in high-efficiency polysilicon components;
  • 3. Output: DC12V + AC220V;
  • 4. Built-in 12V75A battery;
  • 5. With over-charge and over-discharge protection devices.

1. Rated power: AC500W;

2. Solar panels are made of high-efficiency polysilicon;

3. The system is equipped with a device for power state testing, so you can easily understand the power state from the display. When there is no sunlight outside, it can also be charged by the city power to maintain sufficient power;

4. Output: DC12V + AC220V, can meet the needs of all small appliances;

5.Plug and play output connector can help you use it conveniently;

6. With deep cycle function, free maintenance battery, and overcharge and over discharge protection device.

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Quick Inquiry

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