Solar small system outdoor camping lights

  • Rated power:10W;
  • With USB port;
  • Three DC output jacks;
  • LCD voltage display screen;

Features and specification:

1. Mini solar generator system is green product.It needs no fuels like oil,gas,coal.It can turn the sunshine energy to electricity directly.

2.Flashlight,desk lamp,caution light and mini generator are one,which can meet all customer’s needs.The 6V 1W LED energy-saving lamp equipped can be use continuously as long as 60 hours,suitable for any place.LED lamp number can be increased as customer requires.

3. Adopts Built-in 6V 8AH battery with overcharge protection,discharge protection,overload protection and open circuit protection.

4. Rated output power is 10W.Except for the basic use,it also can be used as moving power supply.For example:charge the mobile phone,MP3,MP4,camera and other digital products.

5. weigh:4Kg.

6. Generator specification:240*110*170mm;

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Quick Inquiry

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